Why Choose our Dedicated Servers?

Root access and full control for serious developers & mission-critical projects

Our powerful Dedicated Servers are tiered for any application, so whether you're running a game server, busy website, database server or something else entirely, you can rely on high-quality Intel CPUs, reliable storage capacity and fast I/O.

No Hidden Costs

Your Dedicated Server is set up completely free of charge, and you can pay monthly or yearly by debit or credit card. There are no lock-in contracts to worry about either.

Secure & Reliable

All our Dedicated Servers are set up with hardware level RAID mirroring. In the highly unlikely event of a disk failure, this means your Dedicated Server will continue to operate normally.

Dedicated Server Backups

Our optional backup service makes the space available as a network drive on your server. Copy files to the space manually or use your preferred backup program to fully automate the process.

Full Control

Enjoy full control over your hosting - you're free to install any legal software you like. Full root access and your choice of OS (start with a Linux CentOS or Windows Server base) give you endless options, whilst server-grade cPanel and WHM can be added for a small extra cost.

UK Servers, UK Support

All Dedicated Servers are deployed by our skilled and knowledgeable UK support staff and engineers who monitor both hardware and network 24x7 to ensure optimum service levels and unparalleled reliability.


Our powerful Dedicated Servers can be ordered via Hammur Hosting or you can Contact Us if you wish to talk to us.

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