Why SharePoint Hosting?

Access documents from anywhere

Not only can your business access their company-wide or personal documents from the desktop, because the hosting is cloud-based, files are securely stored and available from any browser and most mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android.

Centralise storage of your documents

Instead of having documents distributed throughout your business, use SharePoint hosting to centralise document storage. Bring order to the active documents in your business using SharePoint hosting.

Helps you work more efficiently

SharePoint hosting allows teams within your workplace to collaborate on the same document, sharing information and intelligently tracking changes made. SharePoint can roll-up updates into a single document without the worry of overwriting data.

Controlled access to documents

SharePoint hosting helps you to manage document permissions by allowing site-wide or individual file control over who sees what. Using SharePoint, you can effectively and cleverly manage the workflow in your business.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a way to centralise access to enterprise information and applications. It is a tool that helps a company manage its data, applications and information more easily. Microsoft claims that this has organisational benefits such as increased employee engagement, centralising process management, reducing new staff on-boarding costs, and providing the means to capture and share tacit knowledge (e.g. via tools such as wikis/blogs).

SharePoint Core Functionality

Document Management

Document Libraries: Shared online document management facility. SharePoint replace fileserver-style document sharing, but provides considerable additional document management functionality.
Deep MS Office Integration: Microsoft Office and SharePoint are designed to work together, and SharePoint's document management capabilities work seamlessly with the Office suite.
Versioning: SharePoint document libraries can be configured to automatically maintain a history of the versions of a particular document. The latest version is always available, but previous versions can quickly be viewed or restored. No more fussing with ugly naming conventions and having directories cluttered with dozens of versions of the same file.
Metadata: Files in SharePoint - whether Office documents or other files like PDFs, CAD documents, images and multimedia files - can be 'tagged' with additional metadata. Examples include author, date created, title, approval status, expiry date and so on - you are free to set up whatever metadata fields will be helpful to your business.
Retention Policies: To prevent clutter and reduce storage costs, SharePoint allows you to configure automated document retention, archival and disposal policies.
Workflow: SharePoint provides powerful workflow tools which you can use to implement business processes and sign-off procedures. The workflow engine provides simple approval mechanisms out-of-the-box, but with SharePoint Designer offers a sophisticated and customiseable workflow capability.
Image Management: SharePoint provides image libraries, which provide all the capabilities of document libraries, but with built-in thumbnails, previews and slideshow capabilities.
Offline Use/Synchronisation: SharePoint can syncronise folders, document libraries and other content for offline use with Outlook Client 2007 and above.

SharePoint Higher-Level Capabilities

Project Teams: Projects, proposals/bids etc. Use SharePoint team site as the authoritative repository for documents, team calendar, project plan, discussion, requirements gathering, defect tracking etc.
Rapid Provisioning: Cases where a collaborative mechanism is often required to be set up quickly and with minimal overhead; eg extranet engagement with a new client.
Multi-Office/Home Working: Where users are at several separate locations (especially where VPN connectivity is problematic).
Mobile Users: Device proliferation/BYOD - PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones...many of these may be difficult to integrate in 'traditional' Windows file-and-print sharing or line-of-business systems.
Collaboration: With clients/suppliers/other external users, while retaining control of access levels.
Information repositories: Knowledgebase, policies and procedures, best practices
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