Let Customers Find You

If potential customers hear phases such as 'but finding them was a nightmare' when others talk about your business, you've lost them. They're not potential customers any more.

Now imagine the same conversation but including 'just download a little thing from their website and it takes you straight to their door'.

The key to great word-to-mouth is to remove all reasons for a customer to complain. They'll have nothing to talk about but the positives. That's what makes a great recommendation.

The Solution

We provide Point of Interest files (POIs) for Garmin, TomTom and Navman satnavs, and for Google Maps and Google Earth.

We pin-point your location with an accuracy of 1.1m. Vistitors to your website can download the POIs, pop them in their satnav and use them to bring their trade to your business. It's painless for all concerned.

Because we work on the top three satnav brands and anything that can run Google Maps, such as a smart phone or a tablet, our POI files can be used by anyone. So everyone can find you.

Using a Mobile

The below will take you to Hammur IT Services:

QR Directions for Hammur

Scanning the QR code above on your smartphone will take you straight to Hammur IT.

Add us to your Sat Nav

TomTom Download

Navman Download

Garmin Download

Google Download

and the all important instructions on how to add to your Sat Nav


Guide to Satellite Navigation and Points of Interest

Guide to Points of Interest for hoteliers


Number of SitesPrice exc VATEffective £ per Site
1 £188.00 £188.00
2 £212.95 £106.48
5 £298.26 £59.65
7 £339.17 £48.45
10 £404.59 £40.46
15 £493.81 £32.92
20 £575.73 £28.79
25 £658.78 £26.35

We can produce any number of POI sets that you require, if the number you need is not displayed above then please contact us