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NHS GGC LogoNHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Hammur IT Services were engaged by NHS GGC to work within their EPR (Electronic Patient Record) Programme to assist with the upgrade of Orion Healthcare's Clinical Portal from version 6 to version 8.

Numerous tasks were undertaken including, assisting with the development of test scripts as well as undertaking some of the testing tasks and recording any failures on JIRA.

We also provided assistance with the migration of 44,000 users and their data from the Portal v6 to Portal v8.

As well as being involved in the upgrade, Hammur IT Services also engaged in planning the handover to BAU support to ensure that 2nd and 3rd Line support were ready to take calls from day one. Part of this task included writing up the Operational Level Agreement (OLA). The agreement describes the responsibilities of each internal support group toward other support groups, including the process and timeframe for delivery of their services.

Following the successful go live of Clinical Portal v8, Hammur were then engaged with working to get NHS GGC to be compliant with the National Document Indexing Standards. This standard was to ensure that the same document categories are used throughout Scotland so as Health Boards modernise and reorganise patient/client care there is a growing requirement for patients/clients to move across traditional geographical and care boundaries. This requirement, in turn, creates a need to have greater sharing of information across the boundaries - whilst maintaining patient/client safety and adhering to appropriate standards.

For this project the main task was to compare how Greater Glasgow and Clyde measured up to the new standard and to recommend the appropriate changes required before they would be signed off by clinicians. Hammur IT then worked with other providers to scope an estimate on the time required to make the changes, effort required to update all documentation that was categorised to the previous index system as well as developing a communication plan for all those that would be impacted.

Custom Tables 4 U Custom Tables 4U

Custom Tables 4 U produce a range of customised coffee, side and nest of tables. The client engaged our website design service to allow for the products to be sold online.

Working closly we provided them with a site that was easy to maintain, handled payments as well as managing stock levels.

Husse Scotland Husse Scotland

Husse Scotland is the Scotland Franchise for a Swedish Pet food manufacturer that is a pioneer in premium and super premium pet care food, supplements and care products.

Utilising our Website Maintenance program has freed the owner in Scotland to concentrating on building and connecting with their customer base

Aquablast Solutions Ltd

Aquablast Solutions Ltd Glasgow's premier pressure washing and hard-surface restoration company is an independently owned business with over 10 years combined pressure washing and restoration experience.

Hammur IT Services worked with Aquablast Solutions Ltd to produce a website to give the business an online presence.

Cassidy's Journey

Cassidy's Journey is a website detailing the story of Cassidy and to help advertise the fundraising activities to pay for treatment in USA

Working closly we provided them with a site that was easy to maintain, handled payments as well as managing stock levels.

CalMac Ferries CalMac Ferries

During this engagement Hammur IT Services was involved in a couple of different roles. Initially the role was a Service Delivery role. This involved Project Managing for a project to utilise the contact centre to provide an out of hours Service Desk. Other activities included looking at the support processes around incident monitoring and how incidents are handled. We also developed a number of KPI's and associated reporting on ServiceNow. An investigation was undertaken into what items users frequently request, upon completion the Service Catalog within ServiceNow was updated.

Hammur was then engaged in a Configuration Consultant role. This involved implementing a CMDB for CalMac. Data was gathered concerning all the systems and the type of interaction that it would have with other systems and the dependency. This was fed into the Configuration Management Data Base, other details were also added such as the servers the system were on and their location.