How Small Businesses Can Benefit from
Microsoft SharePoint

Flirting with the idea of Microsoft SharePoint but unsure how it will benefit your business? Find out why many businesses can't live without it.

SharePoint has been around for donkey's years- well, since 2001- but the advent of the cloud and recent Office 365 integration has led to a surge in the number of businesses using it. In fact, SharePoint has become such a hit that it's now recognised as Microsoft's top performing product. Why? Find out as we list the top advantages of using SharePoint for business.

Make Light Work of Challenging Business Tasks

Use SharePoint to initiate, track and report out-of-the-box workflows whether that be collecting signatures, approvals and feedback for a document or touching base on the status of a task. SharePoint workflows have been designed to save the user time while serving as a consistent and dependable wingman.

Access Crucial Business Data Quickly and Easily

This app allows users to integrate data from business applications such as Microsoft CRM and SAP through SharePoint. This enables staff to store documents, save tasks and access a wide range of business documents from one, central location.

Make Infallible Business Decisions in a Heartbeat

SharePoint business intelligence portals make decision making a breeze. View dashboards, scorecards, KPIs and miscellaneous business data all in one place using the Report Center. Your employee's will be able to retrieve, store and modify shared reports speeding up the decision making process no end.

Work from Anywhere on the Planet

Fancy proofing a junior copywriter's work from a sun lounger Puerto Rico? Need to amend a client report from the train buffet cart? The beauty of SharePoint is that you can access emails, documents, and calendars and shared files from any device, anywhere on the planet. Pretty neat, huh?

Share without Giving Too Much Away

Sharing information effortlessly makes life a lot easier, but understandably there will be some documents you'll want to keep under wraps. And for those instances SharePoint allows users to embed secret information such as financial models within documents so that any sensitive info is kept private.


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